About Maria


Hello, my name is Maria Pressing. I’m 27 years old, and I currently reside in Calabasas, Los Angeles, USA.

I’m passionate about technology, publishing, WordPress, the WP community, and maintaining focus on the things that are most important to me. I love creating content, sharing photos, stories, and opinions, and I’ve found WordPress is the best platform that works perfectly for me.

When I’m not doing WordPress things – I love reading, cooking new dishes, watching Netflix, and cuddling up to watch a good comedy or action movie. I will admit, I might sometimes force you to sit through a chick flick if you’re in my company. My favorite books tend to be travel books (fiction and non-fiction), romance, and sci-fi. Netflix I’ll watch anything from Documentaries, TV series, Movies and a few of the better Netflix Originals.

On the weekends – I love to hang with friends, experience live music, dancing, and trying different foods from across all the Americas. I truly love fine-dining at amazing restaurants with a creative Head Chef. I’m also a keen photographer who loves to travel whenever I have time. I have sometimes been known to do a bit of modelling in front of the camera myself.

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Contact Me

Just send a message to @Maria_Pressing on any of these social media sites: