How to easily hide the Action Bar


If like me, you find the Action Bar overlay annoying then you’ll probably appreciate this quick and easy method to hide it.

The “Action Bar” on every site allows you to quickly login, follow blogs you like, and includes links to features like profiles and editing posts (for users with posting permissions). The “Action Bar” is triggered as you scroll upwards on any site. While the admin-specific shortcuts are useful for publishers, ordinary readers probably dislike the way it intrusively takes up precious screen real estate.

While there is no admin area setting to disable this monstrosity (there used to be, but Automattic decided paying customers shouldn’t have an easy opt out), if you are a Premium subscriber and above… there is a simple CSS trick to hide the “Action Bar”.

In the additional CSS section of your current WordPress theme, paste the following code to hide the action bar:

div#actionbar {
display: none

Save your changes and, voila, the bar should have vanished from view for everyone.

It’s important to note this only applies to hosted blogs. If you take one of our Managed WordPress Hosting plans, you won’t experience this UX annoyance. Because, you know, I would absolutely never allow it.

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