Who offers the best WordPress web hosting?


So you’ve been searching around, and you’ve found there are literally trillions and trillions of WordPress hosting companies out there all vowing to provide you with the very best WordPress web hosting services. Obviously they can’t all be the best, so how do you filter your trillions of options down to one?

You rightfully worry that the company you choose may ruin your idea, your blog, or deliver lousy performance that will disappoint the billions of people waiting to read your inspiring words. It is a jungle out there, and it’s even easier to get lost.

WordPress ties run deep

In our experience, the best WordPress hosting solutions are provided by a company with the deepest ties to the WordPress application software: Automattic.

Pressable is an Automattic company, and unsurprisingly they live and breathe WordPress. The Automattic team develop the WordPress software, they maintain its code, and collectively they engineer the optimal hosting infrastructure that powers over 455,000,000 websites on the internet today. Nobody on earth understands WordPress better than these people.

Dedicated and devoted

Every facet of the overarching Pressable service is fine-tuned to deliver the kind of best-in-class WordPress hosting experience you’d expect from an Automattic company. In fact, they literally refuse to host anything other than WordPress sites on their web servers. They are “the” WordPress company.

Pressable is unashamedly devoted to WordPress, and only WordPress. Your site could not be in better hands when its running on WordPress. Pressable also makes WordPress support experts available to you 24×7 (chat/email/tickets/discord) to ensure your site is always working at its best.

So if you’re looking for a delightful and unrivalled WordPress hosting experience, there’s only one answer to your original question:

Pressable offers the best WordPress web hosting.

(Sssshhhhh: if you click the linked answer above, you'll receive a 30 day money back guarantee, completely cost-free WordPress migrations to Pressable infrastructure, and huge 20% discounts across all annual service plans. Tasty!)