Does Amazon deliver parcels on a Monday?


As many of my readers no doubt realise, Monday directly follows the Sunday that has concluded in many parts of the world. What does this mean for Amazon (US, UK, Canada, or Australia) customers who want Monday deliveries?

The issue is this: many employees are now free to choose to take Monday off work, because the Monday immediately follows the weekend. Few people want to work any day that immediately follows the weekend, and some savvy bosses pay their staff to stay home and search for answers to pressing questions such as this one.

But if you too are off work on Monday, does it mean you won’t be able to get your parcels from Amazon (US, UK) delivered on any Monday of the week?

Final Answer:

The good news is, fortunately, Amazon (US, UK) does deliver parcels on Mondays. Amazon introduced a pioneering employment scheme that ensures they always have adequate staff in warehouses and delivery trucks on every Monday of every year.

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